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As I’m sure you have heard, the Dalai Lama said at the Vancouver Peace Summit, 2009:

“The world will be saved by Western women.”

To expand on our version of that, we believe that the world will also be saved by world changers and evolutionary entrepreneurs who infuse the masculine structures with feminine co-creativity and flow, and feminine principles with masculine structure delivery mechanisms.

Said another way, we want to make it easier for world changers to create heart-infused businesses so more money and power lands in the hands of those who will use it for good.

This Teleseries is our first foray in moving this mission forward. If you are reading this, you are probably on a similar mission and you may want to help others who are in your community.

If you like the work that we are doing here at the Evolutionary Business Teleseries & you think it is something of relevance to share with your own audience or community, we would love to reward you for supporting us in getting our message, products & services out into the world, & together evolving the way we do business on this planet.

If you have a relevant community, people interested in changing the world through evolutionary business, healers, teachers, coaches, activists, evolutionary/social/conscious entrepreneurs etc., then please click here to register for the

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Leela Somaya

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How Does the Affiliate Program Work?

  • Sign up as an affiliate and get your unique affiliate link.
  • Refer Evolutionary Business Teleseries to your colleagues, friends, and clients. They will be grateful to receive information on how to earn an abundant living while doing work that is fully in alignment with their Soul’s Purpose. And, you will also enjoy earning great money to finance your own world changing endeavors by spreading the word and helping them.
  • When your referrals purchase The Evolutionary Business System using your affiliate link (with your unique affiliate code embedded), you get at least $44, and up to $66 of profits! The amount will depend on the sale price of the upgrade package.

How Much Can I Earn, and How Do I Get Paid?

You have unlimited earning potential. The more sales you refer, the more money in your bank account!

Payments are paid directly to you 45 to 60 days after the purchase is made.

Everything is automated by our shopping cart, so it is pretty simple. For your convenience, you can log in to your account to track your sales at anytime or any day of the week.

Who is Eligible to Become an Affiliate?

You can become an affiliate partner as long as you agree to and follow these guidelines:

  • Use ethical practices while promoting our programs and products.
  • No SPAMMING! – We have a “zero tolerance” policy on sending unsolicited emails to people who do not want to receive them. This includes buying lists strictly for promotional use.
  • Commissions will NOT be awarded on purchases deemed as SPAM, fraudulent, or on refunded programs or products.
  • Be an honorable promoter. Do not promote or advertise on websites or other media with offensive content.
  • Do not offer cash rebates under any circumstances. You may however, offer bonus incentives to inspire action.

Ready to get started?

YES! I Want to Become A Valued Member of the Evolutionary Business Affiliate Program. Are you new to being an affiliate? Even though it is easy to sign up, it helps to know the steps. Here are a few quick tips to make it super simple for you:

STEP 1: Quick and Easy Sign-Up

Sign up for The Evolutionary Business Affiliate Program by clicking on the link provided below:

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Just fill out the form with your contact information, and click the link to join.

STEP 2: Receive Your Confirmation Email

Look for a confirmation email. You’ll want to print this email, or save it in a special place. It contains three pieces of information that you’ll need later:
1) Your user name/email address; 2) your unique password; and 3) the link to access the Affiliate Login Page.

STEP 3: Sign In to Get Your Unique Link

Use the information in Step 2 above to sign in as an affiliate. You will find unique links just for you (with your affiliate code embedded in them).

Use these links to promote any of my programs and products to your clients, colleagues, and friends. When they click on your unique link, the affiliate program will track that the client came from you. When the client makes a purchase using your affiliate link, you earn money too!

That’s all it takes to earn good money and create a win-win-win situation for everyone!

If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to: